Monday, March 28, 2011

Books For Kids...

  1. Harmony Korine, Larry Clark - 1995 - 150 pages - No preview
    It's the "great American teenage movie" about real kids, quoted by Amy Taubin of "The Village Voice" as a "masterpiece" and "the kind of film that pulls the ground out from under you". - More editions - Add to My Library
  2. Lois Burdett, William Shakespeare - 1998 - 64 pages - Preview
    A retelling in rhymed couplets of Shakespeare's tragedy of ill-fated young lovers is accompanied by illustrations from the author's second-grade class. - More editions - Add to My Library
  3. Henry Cloud, John Townsend - 2009 - Preview
    Helps parents set boundaries with their children and teach the concept of boundaries to their children. - More editions - Add to My Library
  4. Lois Burdett, William Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh - 2000 - 64 pages - Preview
    Retells in rhymed couplets Shakespeare's tragedy about the Danish prince's efforts to avenge his father's death, with illustrations by second graders. - More editions - Add to My Library
  5. Mickey Flodin - 2007 - 159 pages - Preview
    An introduction to the expressive language of the deaf, organized by subject areas, including pets, people, numbers, sports, travel, science, thoughts and feelings, and places. - More editions - Add to My Library
  6. Fredrick Hahn - 2008 - 164 pages - Preview
    You owe it to your kids to read this book and apply it." -- Michael R. Eades, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of "Protein Power" "If every parent read this book, if every kid tried this book---imagine what would happen! - Add to My Library
  7. Lenore Skenazy - 2009 - 256 pages - Preview
    Praise for "Free-Range Kids" "Lenore Skenazy is a national hero." --Mary Roach, author, "Bonk and Stiff" "This book is a bubbly but potent corrective for the irrational fears that drive so many parents crazy. - More editions - Add to My Library
  8. James R. Delisle - 2006 - 213 pages - Preview
    Along the way, stories from gifted children and their parents provide insight into the lives of these individuals. What sets this book apart from other books for parents of gifted kids is its expansion beyond mere platitudes. - More editions - Add to My Library
  9. Meredith F. Small - 2001 - 271 pages - Snippet view
    Provides an exploration of everything from language development to morality, how adults comunicate with children, the kind of play they engage in, and the skills they emphasize, in a provocative study that assesses the amount of influence ... - More editions - Add to My Library
  10. Ellen Lupton, Julia Lupton - 2007 - 144 pages - Preview
    Provides instructions for a variety of projects, including creating graffiti furniture, a notepad holder, a cardboard castle, customized shirts, and doll clothes. - Add to My Library

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